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Product Description: This is a new product in a popular niche catering to people who would like to build their own food production system at home. Similar to gardening using the method of hydroponics (growing plants without soil) aquaponics uses fish to grow plants.

Similar to other DIY programs in this niche, easy DIY aquaponics is the only affiliate driven offer on the market that teaches and instructs users in the most popular and successful methods of using aquaponics for food production.

This includes the use of grow bed media in an ebb and flow system using a bell siphon. For more information on this please read the article: Ebb and Flow vs. Deep Water Culture.

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Product Price: Initial Purchase: $37.00 Upsell: $47.00
Commission: 75%
Conversion Rate: Roughly 1 in 30.
(Depends of quality of traffic)

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Total Sales
Bonus Payout
200 - 399 sales per month
Extra $2 per sale
300 sales = $10,170 commission+ $600 bonus
400 - 749 sales per month
Extra $3 per sale
500 sales = $16,950 commission + $1500 bonus
750 + sales per month
Extra $6 per sale
750 sales = $23730 commission + $4500 bonus


  • You may use multiple Clickbank ID's however you must provide solid proof that you own every ID.
  • Refunded sales and charge backs do not count towards your total sales count.
  • Only sales from the vendor ID "wpauthor" will count.
  • Back end sales and discount sales do not count towards the total sales count. For example, only item 1 sales will count.
  • Bonus payout's will be paid at the start of every month for the previous month. Contact us on the 1st of every month for your bonus.
  • Bonus payout's will only be paid via PayPal if the amount is below $10,000.00. Exceptions made if the value is greater than $10,000.
  • A reserve amount may be held to cover future refunds. This amount will vary depending on your sales volume.
  • The 1 month period is run on "Clickbank Time". 1 Month = Jan 1st to Jan 31st, September 1st to September 30th etc.
  • All bonus payout's must be claimed within 7 days of the following month. If this does not happen you will not get your bonus for that month.

To claim your bonus please contact us here Provide your Clickbank ID, your paypal email and the number of sales you have made that count towards your total sales. We will reply asap and send your payment through within 7 days. Usually within 24 hrs. Remember, we may hold a reserve for up to 8 weeks (ClickBank's Guarantee Period) to cover refunds.

Also remember: If you do not contact me with your affiliate ID and PayPal address I can not send you your bonus payout.


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